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OCKO Mission
Lead, plan and execute TRADOC organizational knowledge, process, and performance management (KPPM) program in order to increase collaboration, stimulate innovation, enhance decision-making, and improve organizational performance across the command. Develop and implement strategies and plans for designing organizational performance measurements and analytics, employing knowledge management and process improvement practices, optimizing data and content management solutions, and training/educating the workforce on how to leverage enterprise KPPM solutions to achieve TRADOC and Army strategic objectives and priorities. Align TRADOC KPPM initiatives with the Army Business Strategy, DoD Defense Business Systems (DBS) directives, and other reform initiatives to continually improve organizational processes and performance, and optimize availability of resources to TRADOC in support of Army priorities and warfighting missions.

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OCKO Phone Numbers
Phone Prefixes - Commercial: (757) 501-XXXX; DSN 501-XXXX

Extension Specialty Area
6262 Chief Knowledge Officer
6260 Deputy Chief Knowledge Management Officer
6134 Knowledge Management Officer (Support)
6135 Knowledge Management Officer (Operations)