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Safety Organization & Functions
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  • Oversee the implementation of the TRADOC Safety and Occupational Health and Accident Prevention Programs to facilitate mission accomplishment, promote readiness, and improve quality of life through the prevention of accidental injuries, illnesses, and property damage.
  • Change the culture and climate of Army safety and accident prevention efforts through the systematic integration of RM into military operations, Doctrine, Training, Leader Development, and Combat Developments.


Champion the Army's efforts to motivate individuals and organizations to adopt safety as a core value and pioneer safety and RM initiatives to develop a stronger, more agile Army through the integration of RM principles.

Command Safety Philosophy

"Nothing in peace time training is worth the cost of a life as the result of taking unnecessary risk. "

  •  Safety is a commander's program.
  •  Safety has direct access to the Commander.
  •  Safety is Protection.
  •  Risk management is an integral part of everything we do.

A Sergeant talking to an enlisted soldier during Sergeant's time training (STT).  STT is a resource for Soldiers to use to assess their weaknesses and improve upon them to become a more cohesive unit or team member.



Organize and maintain a MACOM safety program tailored to the following institutional and organizational functions of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command:

  • Safety and Occupational Health Program Management
  • Inspections, surveys, assessments, and technical consultation
  • Mishap and near misses investigations 
  • Education, training, and promotion
  • Hazard analysis and countermeasures


Policies, Regulations, and Guidance




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