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Staff Actions Division (SAD)


Provides administrative support to the CG, DCG/CoS, and DCoS, TRADOC by tasking non-operational taskers and processing and tracking staff actions generated by and submitted to the CG, DCG/CoS, and DCoS. Serves as the principal administrative assistant and technical advisor on administrative policies to the DCoS. Provides indirect support and guidance to TRADOC centers, schools, and activities on administrative support and staff procedures.


(a) Reviews and analyzes all correspondence sent to the command group for administrative completeness, appropriate coordination, proper level of signature, and compliance with established policies.

(b) Manages and monitors flow of correspondence among the command group; coordinating, personal, and special staffs; and subordinate activities.

(c) Reviews relevant message traffic for distribution within the command group and to other HQ TRADOC elements.

(d) Processes, disseminates, and tracks to completion CG, TRADOC; DCG/CoS; and DCoS non-operational tasks and congressional and White House inquiries.

(e) Provides administration, distribution, and mail support to the command group, personal staff, and special staff.

(f) Serves as lead for TR 1-11, Staff Procedures.

(g) Serves as lead for the Staff Officer Orientation Briefing, Staff Actions Training Session, Executive Officers Breakfast, Command Action Tracking System, and Staff Action Officer Resource Center.

(h) Manages TRADOC policy letters and delegations of authority generated by CG, TRADOC and DCG/CoS.

(i) Tasks and exercises quality control over readaheads generated by the office of the CG.


Chief, SAD
              (757) 501-5204

Staff Action Control Officers (SACO)

DCG/CoS; DCoS; CPG; G-2; G-8; SJA; CAO; SGS; WHLO; ESO; Carlisle Barracks (AWC); Huachuca (INTELCoE); Belvoir (USAASA); Meade (AWG); Readaheads; CATS/Portal Administrator; Staff Action Officer  Resource Center Administrator; SOOB; Training Holiday/Org Day Memo; Staff Actions Training Session.
(757) 501-5199

DIR, ARCIC; CG; CAC; IRAC; PAO (Band); INCOPD (USASMA); DCG, USAR; DCG, for NG; Rucker (AVNCoE) ; Belvoir (AMSC); Bliss (USASMA); POM (DLIFLC); Eustis (USAALS and ATSC) ; Sill (FCoE/FA/AD) Leavenworth; (CAC/MCCoE/ CALL/TRAC); Leonard Wood (MSCoE/MP/EN/CM); TRADOC Regulation 1-11; DCG/CoS, DCoS, and SGS Web sites.
(757) 501-5201

DCG, IMTCoE; OCSM, G-3/5/7; G-6; IG; QAO; CKO; HHC; HQ COMDT; 733d MSG; Jackson (USATC); Gordon (SIGCoE); Benning (MCoE/IN/AR; Bragg (JFKSWC&S); Sam Houston (AMEDD/MEDCOM); Monthly TRADOC Principal Commanders and Key Staff Officers and TRADOC XO Rosters.
(757) 501-5202

G-1/4; Chaplain; DO; Historian; Surgeon; Retention; Safety; Lee (CASCOM/SCoE/QM/TC/OD); Jackson (SSI & USACC&S); Knox (ACC/USAREC); Bimonthly XO Breakfast.
(757) 501-5203

Command Group Action Center (CGAC)
              (757) 501-5205

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