picture of Gen. David G. Perkins, TRADOC Commanding General
During the downsizing of our force, we must develop our leadership effectively. Individual responsibility will be higher in a smaller Army, but that doesn’t mean we will do less. We must look at different ways to accomplish the Army mission.
General, U.S. Army
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OCT. 16, 2014VOL. 3, NO. 41
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If the guiding principle of AirLand Battle was “fight outnumbered and win,” the new Army operating concept being unveiled at the 2014 AUSA Annual Meeting is “win in a complex world.” Its development was led by Gen. David Perkins, who took over the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command in March.

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Balance between readiness, modernization and manpower needed
Balance between readiness, modernization and manpower needed

“We are the greatest land power the world has ever seen. We are the indispensable Army of the indispensable nation” said Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh. Adding that the Army has a capability and capacity that no one else can replicate.

Army unveils new plan to 'win in a complex world'
Army unveils new plan to 'win in a complex world'

“One of the things that’s changed in the world is the velocity of instability and the necessity to deploy our capabilities simultaneously to several different continents at the same time,” Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno told Army Times.

Video: Contemporary Military Forum #1: Living the Army Ethic
Video: Contemporary Military Forum #1: Living the Army Ethic

Lt. Gen. Robert B. Brown, commanding general of U.S. Army Combined Arms Center, leads the discussion, "Living the Army Ethic: How and Why We Serve." Panelists include Gen. David G. Perkins, TRADOC commanding general.

Wanted: Soldiers Who 'Thrive In Chaos'
Wanted: Soldiers Who 'Thrive In Chaos'

The Army wants soldiers who thrive in chaos and can build rapport, said leaders and experts on a panel looking at “The Human Dimension” at the AUSA convention Wednesday.

ARCIC Chief Outlines Modernization Goals
ARCIC chief outlines modernization goals

A super-lethal “firefight-ending capability” is among the Army modernization priorities set out in the service’s new operating concept, according to Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, who runs the Army Capabilities Integration Center.

Integrated trainer: Supplementing field exercises with digital technology
Integrated trainer: Supplementing exercises with technology

Army training programs are built around the single goal of ensuring the Army is always capable of deploying forces anywhere in the world and fully prepared to meet any challenge or overmatch any enemy they encounter.

Officers of tomorrow: ROTC cadets to uphold Army legacy
Officers of tomorrow: ROTC cadets to uphold Army legacy

The future of the Army rests in the cadets of today's Reserve Officer Training Corps. Incoming lieutenants are expected to uphold traditions and legacies that go back to before the founding of the nation," said the commanding general of TRADOC.

New US Army Concept Highlights Innovation, Multi-Agency Strategy
New Army concept highlights innovation, multiagency strategy

At this year’s Association of the U.S. Army annual expo here, Army leaders are expected to tout a new operating concept that puts greater focus on smaller units expected to adapt and innovate to combat faceless enemies in a formless battlefield.

39  Women Apply For Ranger School Adviser Duty
39 women apply for Ranger School adviser duty

Almost 40 women have volunteered to be observers/advisers at Ranger school, Army officials said Oct. 10, the deadline to apply. Last month, the Army put out a call for female Soldiers to volunteer as students or observers/advisers.