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Purpose: Initial Entry Training (IET) personnel assigned to IET support activities or support positions in training units attend the Support Cadre Training Course (SCTC) to become familiar with the specific rules and challenges associated with the IET environment. The training course provides support personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to assist in transforming volunteers into Soldiers

Phase Scope: The Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) IET SCTC is a mandatory resident course designed to familiarize and assist all brigade/battalion/company staff section Officers, NCOs and Soldiers, unit armorers, unit supply personnel and Reception Battalion Processing Officers and noncommissioned officers (NCO) with an understanding of the IET environment, organization, policies and procedures, leadership training, evaluation, performance management, and administration.

Phase Prerequisites: Must be assigned to an IET support activity or support position in an IET unit. Former Drill Sergeants and cadre/support personnel returning to IET positions after being out of the IET environment for more than 24 months will attend the appropriate cadre training course.

Special Information: All TRADOC service schools, major subordinate commands, IET units on non-TRADOC organizations, and United States Army Reserve training divisions are authorized to conduct SCTC to include School of Music (SOM) and Fort Rucker, AL. All personnel assigned to an IET unit must complete the appropriate leader or cadre training course prior to, but no later then 30 days after, assuming their duties. Rocommended IET personnel must complete the appropriate leader or cadre training course no later then 120 days after assuming IET duties. IET leader and cadre training courses are not a replacement for professional military education. Refresher training is highly encouraged for all cadre personnel after 36 months in IET. This training should cover IET policies, administration, prohibited practices, and illegal associations at a minimum. Commanders should contact their local Installation Staff and Contractors Training Course instructors for this particular training. Check for Course Dates

Course Number Start Date End Date
SCTC 001 12-07-2016 12-08-2016
SCTC 002 03-08-2017 03-09-2017
SCTC 003 05-17-2017 05-18-2017
SCTC 004 07-19-2017 07-20-2017

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