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TRADOC Band Ceremonial Regalia

All Army Bands are authorized band regalia consisting of the following heraldic equipment: snare and bass drums, drum major's mace, drum major's baldric, and tabards for heraldic trumpets. Shown below are the drum major's baldric and mace, and the snare drum shell used by The U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Band. Each item of Army Band regalia is designed and authorized by The Army Institute of Heraldry, and lists the unit's wartime decorations and campaign participation.

TRADOC Band Drum Major Baldric

Drum Major's Baldric

TRADOC Band Drum Major's Mace

Drum Major's Mace

TRADOC Band Ceremonial Snare Drum


Ceremonial Snare Drum


Herald Trumpet Tabard

Herald Trumpet Tabard


The torch is a traditional symbol for knowledge and a sword represents the TRADOC mission of training and educating Army soldiers and developing leaders.  These elements displayed in a crossed position reflect excellence in building the future Army. The disc with vertical stripes of blue, yellow, and scarlet trimmed in green is the TRADOC shoulder sleeve insignia.