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Mission Statement

How to request the TRADOC Band

If you are interested in requesting the TRADOC band for a performance, please review TRADOC regulation 220-90 to see if your event meets the basic requirements for musical support.

Regarding military ceremonies, as per TRADOC Regulation 220-90, the TRADOC Band provides ceremonial support for change of command ceremonies at the level of O-5 and above, installation change of responsibility ceremonies (at the E-9 level installation Command Sergeant Major and equivalents or higher), and individual retirement ceremonies at the level of O-7 and above. Musical support is provided to periodic military installation retirement ceremonies. Therefore, individual retirement ceremonies for persons not in positions listed above are not authorized musical support.

Ceremonies for Headquarters TRADOC, Fort Eustis, Fort Story, and other Army installations take precedence over ceremonies for other services. If your event appears to meet the basic requirements, you may then request the TRADOC Band by filling out the electronic form below. When you have filled in all necessary information, please click the Submit Performance Request button at the bottom of the page. In order to ensure prompt consideration of your request, please be as complete as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid a conflict of Fort Eustis assets, all musical support requests for the TRADOC Band for official events on Fort Eustis must be submitted (on TCFE Form 719, Commitment of Personnel/Equipment) to the Joint Base Langley-Eustis Mission Services Division, Current Operations Section (not directly to the TRADOC Band). Points of contact are Mr. Williams at 878-6880 or Ms. Cobb at 878-6087.

In accordance with TRADOC Regulation 220-90, all military requests must be submitted at least 45 days in advance of the requested performance date. Requests under this time frame require a Letter of Lateness signed by the first military O-6 (or civilian equivalent) in the requesting organization's chain of command. Late requests cannot be processed until the Letter of Lateness is received. Late requests (and the Letter of Lateness) are forwarded to HQ, TRADOC for consideration as an exception to policy, and may not be approved. Submitting a Letter of Lateness does not guarantee approval or musical support.

Civilian requests must be submitted at least 60 days in advance of the requested performance date. Late civilian requests can still be submitted, but support is not guaranteed and all other requests will take priority.

In accordance with Department of Defense fiscal guidance, if the location is not within the immediate geographical area (approximately 100 miles of Fort Eustis, Virginia), transportation, meals, and lodging (if needed), will, in most cases, need to be provided by the activity that is requesting the band. Information about space and power requirements for our musical ensembles is located here.

Requestors may not receive an immediate response. Please contact the TRADOC Band Operations Office at (757) 501-6949 if you have not been contacted within 30 days prior to the requested performance date.

Online Band Request Form

Please provide the following information about the performance (* denotes required fields):

*Date of performance:    *Time of performance:   : AM PM
*Is this request for a civilian or military audience? Civilian Military      *Name of Event: 
*Location of performance:         Length of performance:        Approx. audience size: 
*Requested musical ensemble (view ensemble requirements): 
Description of event including type and amount of music: 
*Please select the grade and enter the rank and name of senior ceremony participants (not audience members / guests):

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*Please indicate what security measures will be provided for the event:  
*Is admission charged for this event?  Yes No      *Is this event a fundraiser? Yes No      *Is this event for charity? Yes No
*If necessary, can you provide:*Meals?Yes  No
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 *Lodging?Yes  No
*Is this event open to the public?:   Yes  No

Please provide the following point of contact information:

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