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Congressional Activities Office

Provide comprehensive and relevant analysis of Congressional and Legislative activities of interest which impact HQ TRADOC now and into the future. Propose and facilitate key stakeholder interface with Congress to effectively communicate the Army story. Provide counsel on and serve as the HQ TRADOC subject matter expert for all routine and special interest congressional actions and inquiries.

Serve as the premier Army ACOM level agency coordinating Congressional and Legislative activities in support of Army and TRADOC Leadership.


What Products and Services does CAO Offer?

TRADOC's Primary Liaison to HQDA's Legislative Offices
  • Synchronizes senior leader congressional engagements with the Army’s legislative objectives
  • Advises TRADOC organizations on congressional activities of interest
Detailed analysis of congressional documents, highlighting their impact on TRADOC, including:
  • Inquiries
  • Hearings
  • Legislation
  • Reports
Correspondence and Reference Material
  • Member/Staffer Biographies
  • Congressional News/Updates
  • Training
  • SharePoint Portal

Visit our SharePoint Portal for Congressional News/Updates using AKO or CAC.