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Deputy Chief of Staff, G-6 (C4) (Biography)
DSN 501-6551, Comm (757) 501-6551
FAX: DSN 501-6509, Comm (757) 501-6509


  1. Manages business enterprise architecture development, integration (internal and external), and maintenance.
  2. Executes IM/IT capital planning, investment, and portfolio management.
  3. Manages governance processes to include developing and enforcing IM/IT strategy, plans, and policy.
  4. Manages information assurance (IA) and information systems security.
  5. Promotes KM in the role of Chief Knowledge Officer.
  6. Develops and directs TRADOC’s data management strategy.
  7. Manages the TRADOC administrative publications program.
  8. Serves as TRADOC records manager.
  9. Serves as TRADOC webmaster.
  10. Serves as the TRADOC voting member on the Army CIO Executive Board.
  11. Conducts technology assessments and assists with IT-enabled process improvement.
  12. Serves as lead for TR 25-35, TR 25-70, TR 25-73, TP 25-30, TP 25-51, TP 25-53, TP 25-72, and TP 25-73.
  13. Manages selected IM/IT projects that affect TRADOC-wide operations.
  14. Develops partnering relationships with functional proponents on IT-related initiatives to ensure architectural compliance, technical feasibility, and infostructure integration