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Systems Integration Directorate

Deputy Chief of Staff, G-6 (C4)
DSN 501-6524, Comm (757) 501-6524


Develops TRADOC business enterprise architecture policies, plans, and standards which guide development and employment of IT-dependent processes and systems throughout the command. Performs technical and systems assessments to ensure architectural compatibility.


The directorate consists of two divisions: Enterprise Architecture and Chief Technology Office.


  1. Enterprise Architecture Division.
    1. Defines the baseline and objective operational, systems, and technical architecture for the TRADOC enterprise.
    2. Ensures IT-related programs and initiatives are consistent with Army enterprise infostructure and architecture policies and standards.
    3. Enforces standards on TRADOC-initiated IT projects
    4. Reviews architectures and fielding plans with program managers for compatibility with TRADOC objective architecture.
    5. Maintains IT business enterprise architecture products for TRADOC centers, schools, and activities that are used for systems integration and capital planning and investment management.
    6. Prepares the TRADOC IT Modernization Plan.
  2. Chief Technology Office.
    1. Conducts selected technical assessments to support TRADOC initiatives.
    2. Performs design and engineering functions to ensure security, integration, compatibility, and efficient and effective use of technology to support functional requirements.
    3. Assesses technology trends in industry to position TRADOC to incorporate leading edge business practices into internal operations.
    4. Coordinates with DoD, DA, and pertinent joint activities to ensure technical integrity of emerging IT-related decisions.