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Responsibilities of the Deputy Commanding General/Chief of Staff:

Supervises the coordination and issuance of directives and instructions to ensure unity of action and compliance with the CG, TRADOC's guidance. Supervises and coordinates the activities of subordinate activities and HQ TRADOC elements, to include the multi-branch CoEs, in the accomplishment of goals and priorities specified by the CG, TRADOC. Advises the CG, TRADOC in functional areas (FA) to include administration, safety, EO, EEO, force modernization, force protection, force structure, installation management, interoperability, joint exercises, maintenance, operations, internal controls, human capital (personnel), planning, resource allocation, safety, security assistance, strategic communication, supply, and training. Specific responsibilities of the DCG/CoS-

     a. Directs the operation of the HQ TRADOC personal, special, and coordinating staffs and the command group. Directs and focuses the operations of the headquarters across doctrine, training developments, base operations support (BASOPS), and resources. Ensures effective coordination and relationships with other DOD and non-DOD agencies.

     b. Directs the TRADOC EEO program and represents TRADOC in matters pertaining to union negotiations.

     c. Ensures that internal controls are sufficient within TRADOC and its FOAs to prevent or minimize the risk of waste, fraud, and abuse of government resources.

     d. Supervises long-range planning, organizational development, and program coordination and review for TRADOC.

     e. Serves as lead for TRADOC strategic communication initiatives by: defining the strategic communication environment; developing prioritized themes and messages in support of command priorities; identifying events and opportunities for focused TRADOC participation; and giving directive guidance to center and school commanders to support command priorities and achieve desired outcomes.

     f. Chairs the Executive Contract Approval Board (ECAB).


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