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Staff Officer Orientation Briefing (SOOB)

Monthly Staff Officer Orientation Briefings provide action officers with essential information related to HQ TRADOC's command organization. Newly assigned personnel (military and civilian) are required to attend the first available SOOB within 2 months of arrival. Contractors attend at the discretion of their directorates. The agenda consists of the following:

0820-0830 Opening Remarks
0830-0900 CG Welcome
0900-0930 TRADOC Overview
0930-0940 Break
0940-0950 Foreign LNO Introduction
0950-1050 SGS Briefing
1050-1130 G-33 Tasking Briefing

You can access detailed information papers and briefings on TRADOC staff offices by clicking on the "Chief of Staff Documents" hyperlink on the main menu. Select the document you would like to view. Recommend downloading the briefings so you can view the note pages with additional information.

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