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Plans and Readiness Directorate

Mission Statement

Understands, communicates and advocates base support requirements for TRADOC centers, schools and activities. Serves as the TRADOC lead for the Army Family Program, provide guidance, eveluation, and technical assistance to TRADOC pertaining to Soldier and Family Services.



Be recognized as the TRADOC advocate and lead for base operations and support, and Family Programs.

Strategic Goals

  • Understand, communicate and advocate base support requirements for TRADOC schools and activities.
  • Serve as advocate for the Soldier, Family and Readiness Family programs.
  • Influence command decisions affecting TRADOC and Army Transformation.
  • Integrate cross-functional issues to achieve a TRADOC position in support to training mission.
  • Provide seamless, proactive systems and support processes to TRADOC Leadership.
Collage pictures; 1.) GEN Dempsey talking to a miliary spouse, 2.) staff meeting and 3.) computer on break Gen Dempsey answers a question rom a TRADOC spouse during the 2010 FRGS