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Deputy Chief of Staff, G-8

Office Telephones:DSN:501-XXXX, Commercial (757) 501-XXXX, FAX (757) 501-7097

Postal Address

Deputy Chief of Staff, G-8
661 Sheppard Place
Room 220
Fort Eustis, VA 23604-5727

DCS, G-8 Key Staff:

Ellen M. Helmerson - Deputy Chief of Staff , G-8
Paul S. Hilton- Assistant Deputy Chief
Executive Officer (XO) and Administraitiontive Support Office (ADMIN)
Director, Planning, Analysis, and Evaluation
Director, Budget
Director, Manpower and Force Analysis
Director, Finance and Accounting
Director, Acquisition Management and Oversight Divisio


Phone Numbers

Budget Directorate, ext.: 6670

Finance and Accounting Directorate, ext.: 6773

Manpower and Force Analysis Directorate, ext.: 6575

Planning, Analysis, and Evaluation Directorate, ext.: 6698

Acquisition Management and Oversight Division , ext.: 6800

Executive Officer (XO), ext.: 6680

Email Us

DCS, G-8 Webmaster,

TRADOC Public Affairs,

Due to the volume of emails we receive, we ask you to very carefully look at the mission information on our Website (for instance, for TRADOC PAO's mission information) to better focus your query and help us respond in an efficient, timely manner. Queries to TRADOC PAO, the proponent for information in
TRADOC's public domain, should address content (including content policy) for the TRADOC and/or TRADOC PAO Websites, or deal with other specific PAO subjects. (Due to the volume of email PAO receives, PAO cannot answer
queries on non-PAO-specific topics.) Inquiries about Webpage design, navigation, network/server technical information, Website policy (other than content), and general queries involving TRADOC should be directed to the TRADOC Webmaster.

If you are a media representative with a query or request for interview, please contact MediaRelations Office by telephone. Phone numbers are listed at


Information-Quality Contact

Small Business Contact

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Contact

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