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Deputy Chief of Staff , G-8

Mission Statement

The TRADOC DCS, G-8 formulates, allocates, administers, and reviews the utilization of TRADOC funding and manpower program to execute TRADOC missions, and serves as principal advisor to the CG, and TRADOC's command and staff on finance, resource, and management matters.

DCS, G-8 Strategic Goals:

  • Obtain adequate resources to support accomplishment of TRADOC's missions.
  • Program and distribute resources in accordance with command priorities.
  • Strengthen TRADOC's stewardship of resources
  • Operate TRADOC resource management in the most effective and efficient
    manner possible.  
  • Foster an organizational climate that promotes trust, teamwork, respect, professionalism, superior job performance and high morale.

DCS, G-8 Contacts

See the “Contact Us” for more information.

TRADOC G-8 Organization Chart

TRADOC Job Opportunities

TRADOC is supported by the Fort Eustis Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC).  All vacancy announcements are posted on USAJobs @ Other Civilian Personnel resources are available @