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Combined Arms Support Command realigns for the future

FORT LEE, Va. (TRADOC News Service, May 4, 2005) – Keeping pace with U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command’s and the Army’s Transformation, the Combined Arms Support Command recently announced a major headquarters realignment.

CASCOM leadership determined that as currently organized, it lacked the strategic agility as an organization to anticipate, respond or solve the logistics issues and challenges facing our rapidly evolving Army today.

“This new realignment is significantly different from the way we’ve done business in the past, consolidating the logistics branch functions for training, doctrine and combat-development functions under two integrating deputy commander staff elements: futures and training,” said Maj. Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody, CASCOM and Fort Lee commanding general.

CASCOM has traditionally approached and responded to issues with branch-centric solutions.

“As we move to a more multifunctional demanding Army, we have to organize accordingly. This new alignment optimizes our talented workforce and capitalizes on current and future logistics initiatives,” Dunwoody said.

The road to the realignment began earlier this year when Dunwoody formed a “Transformation Team” to evaluate the current organization. In addition, tiger teams were called in from outside the organization to give their perspective. A number of alternatives were critically considered, evaluated and refined by the Transformation Team.

The new structure reflects the first major change at CASCOM since the mid-1990s.

“We conducted a command-climate survey soon after (Dunwoody) arrived,” said Col. Mike Joyner, CASCOM chief of staff. “Overwhelmingly, the response was that we needed to realign to better support the needs of the Army.”