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Website purpose and plan

Website purpose

TRADOC’s Website enables TRADOC to execute its mission by communicating the TRADOC commanding general’s goals, priorities and intent to enhance understanding, gain support and facilitate participation from internal and external audiences. Simply put, the TRADOC Website mission is to support the commanding general of TRADOC, as keeping his command informed is one of the commander’s responsibilities. Our content focuses on topics that portray his top concerns.

We also strive to establish and sustain a long-term practice of open communication by posting materials for both internal and external audiences – such as fact sheets, backgrounders, white papers on key issues, or graphics/charts – which will illustrate information, aid comprehension and add impact to TRADOC’s message.

We also “tell the TRADOC story,” such as:

  • Expressing TRADOC’s foundational work on behalf of the Army;
  • Spotlighting Soldiers and civilians of TRADOC; and
  • Showing how training supports the Army in this era of persistent conflict.

Website values, goals

The TRADOC Website ( vision is to enhance the command climate within TRADOC. TRADOC’s use of the Internet includes distributing information products such as news stories, posters, professional-development “pocket guides,” brochures and fact sheets/backgrounders. We recognize the importance of emphasizing the TRADOC Web presence by concentrating on using it as a well-designed strategic tool backed by relevant content.

Just like the Army has its seven core values and TRADOC has values, this Website’s value is to serve our target audiences. We will not just “throw” information out on the Web – we will know before posting it that it will be relevant (the right information to the right person at the right time). Our content will have purpose, and that purpose will not be solely to provide information. Therefore our goal is to serve our target audiences while fulfilling our purpose of supporting the TRADOC CG.

Website registration

In compliance with Army regulation, TRADOC’s Website is registered and listed on the Army A-Z index,

Webmaster/portal administrator contact information

If you have any questions or comments about the information presented here, please forward them to or

Procedures for posting and reviewing information

All content appearing on the domain is evaluated for fairness and acceptability as being in the best interest of the public.’s content will not exhibit hate, bias or discrimination. Furthermore,’s content will not contain misleading information or unsubstantiated claims, or be in conflict with TRADOC mission or policies.

All content goes through a review process prior to posting to ensure compliance with DoD Web policy, AR 25-1, AR 530-1and other applicable DoD, Army and TRADOC policy and guidance regarding Web content. The TRADOC Web Content Review Program has several current and future objectives:

  • To better manage risk and to ensure that TRADOC Websites provide quality information, we are working to encourage a Web Content Review Program TRADOC-wide.
  • We strive to achieve acceptable OPSEC risk but zero tolerance for national-security-information risk.
  • We emphasize that a Quality of Information (QI) review be done both before and after content is posted.

The Website is evaluated yearly for effectiveness and on how well the content meets the following criteria:

  • Ease of use/navigability;
  • Key messages conveyed;
  • Interactivity;
  • Content meets the information-quality standards and supports the mission;
  • Integration with the rest of TRADOC’s information products.

Contingency and continuity of operations

In the event of a contingency (i.e., adverse weather, pandemic influenza or terrorism attack), TRADOC’s Website ( will remain available to ensure continuous support. The Website will assist in promoting crisis programs, awareness training and other initiatives relative to the particular crisis situation, both before and after the contingency. The TRADOC Website will also assist in efforts to respond appropriately, mitigate the effects and sustain the ability of command to accomplish its mission in the event of a threat or incident. In the event of an adverse weather contingency, the Website will be re-established and run, along with the command’s headquarters, from another location. The Website content will focus on TRADOC’s internal audience (Soldiers, family members, civilian employees and the contractor workforce) since their awareness, understanding, and execution of crisis-situation measures are essential. Information and services provided to the public will be limited to the status of TRADOC facilities and their accessibility to the public.