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TRADOC Surgeon's Mission

  • Serves as the command advisor for all medical and health readiness matters.
  • Promotes the integration of force health protection and health promotion principles and provides staff supervision over all aspects of health care.
  • Facilitates and coordinates unit, individual, and leader development medical training curriculum in a disciplined combined arms training environment.
  • Advises on future force medical research development and medical capabilities integration to provide healthy and physically fit Soldiers to support Army Readiness.
  • TRADOC Surgeon's Corner

    Medical readiness also includes prevention for this upcoming cold/influenza season. Prior planning and adequate training are essential to minimizing cold weather injuries.

  • Cold weather injuries are preventable with command vigilance and application of risk management to ensure leaders and Soldiers are aware of the risks and potentially debilitating effects of cold weather conditions.
  • The flu is unpredictable and its severity can vary widely from season to season. Annually in the United States, 40 million cases of flu are reported resulting and as many as 750,000 hospitalizations due to serious complications. The best defenses against influenza are receiving the vaccination and practicing personal hygiene measures.
  • pic of two Soldiers dressed warmly while inspecting a tank graphic with flu prevention tips and picture of Soldier blowing his nose

    The Performance Triad

    The Performance Triad is a comprehensive plan to improve readiness and increase resilience through public health initiatives and leadership engagement. The Triad is the foundation for Army Medicine's transformation to a System For Health, a partnership among Soldiers, Families, Leaders, Health Teams and Communities to promote Readiness, Resilience and Responsibility. The System For Health: MAINTAINS health through fitness and illness/injury prevention, RESTORES health through patient-centered care, and IMPROVES health through informed choices in the Lifespace.

    Performance Triad
    Key Messages of the Performance Triad:
    - Get Quality Sleep
    - Engage in Activity
    - Improve Nutrition

    TRADOC Surgeon Spotlight

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