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Sgt. Reinaldo Silva of Marysville, Wash., an instructor with Task Force Cold Steel, provides direction to Sgt. Sterling Arneson of the 592nd Ordnance Company in Billings, Mont. on the M-2 qualification range during the Small Arms Trainer Course. The 12-day course focuses on the six individual and crew-served weapons most commonly found within the Army Reserve. Instructors focus on Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction on each weapons system and their associated optics, and ensure students understand the purpose and procedures for maintenance on each.
Army Reserve small arms trainer course launched at Fort McCoy
By Lt. Christopher Hanson | July 19, 2019
In keeping with Chief of Army Reserve Lt. Gen. Charles D. Luckey's vision to shape the U.S. Army Reserve into a more lethal, capable and combat-ready force, the 84th Training Command's Task Force Cold Steel has developed a new weapons proficiency course here.

Army Recruiting and Retention College: Live Recruiter Exercise
U.S. Army Recruiting and Retention College: Live Recruiter Exercise
By Michelle deGuzman-Watson | July 18, 2019
The U.S. Army Recruiting and Retention College provides a hands-on exercise for students before graduation.

Antonio Lombardi, center, is surrounded by his three Veteran sons and his grandson, Michael Lombardi, who just enlisted into the U.S. Army. Michael will follow his Family tradition of service to his country as an Army Infantryman.
Family's third generation of service to country continues
By | July 18, 2019
A grandfather watched his grandson continue the Family's third generation tradition of service during a private ceremony at the Baltimore Military Entrance Processing Station, at Fort Meade, Maryland, on June 25.
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TRADOC executes its mission through five subordinate commands and centers:

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TRADOC also oversees 32 Army schools organized under ten Centers of Excellence, each focused on a separate area of expertise within the Army. These centers train over 500,000 Soldiers and service members each year.

TRADOC was born of innovation and agility, and quickly adapts to shifting world, national, and institutional situations, in both peace and war. TRADOC's adaptive character and culture ensures our Army remains the nation's "force of decisive action.

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