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2018 Stories

Jun 26 - New Study Flashing
Out Multi-Domain Battle
Concept, How to Deal with
'Gray Zone' (Inside Defense) 
Jun 26 - West: Expect
Changes in Army Medicine
Jun 25 - Re-competing may
solve Russian dilema

Jun 25 - Secretary Mark
Esper and the future of the
U.S. Army (Brookings
Jun 19 - The Future Is Now:
We Got a Closer Look at
Bell's V-280 Valor Prototype
(National Interest). 
Jun 15 - Multi-Domain Task
Force set to lead Pacific
Pathways rotation in first
overseas tests (Army.mil) 

Jun 15 - Army's robotics
alliance rallies researchers 
to develop robots for future
combat (Army.mil).

Jun 14 - What the Interwar
Years Say About the U.S.
Army's Newest Force
Concept (Defense One)

Jun 6 - Army Sec. Esper's
10-Year Plan is a Big Bet on
Budget (Breaking Defense)

Jun 5 - Big guns, big troop
numbers and big budgets
are all part of the Army's
plan for 2028 (Federal News
Jun 5 - Army Secretary
Esper announces 'Army
Vision' for 2028 (Army.mil)

Jun 1 - U.S. Army prepares
to Fight in the New Domain
(The Cyber Edge)

May 25 - Stalingrad Was
Small: Multi-Domain Ops In
Megacities (Breaking
May 25 - U.S., Coalition
Forces Used Cyberattacks to
Hunt Down ISIS Command
Posts (Military.com)
May 24 - How redefining
Army intel can help fight
high-end adversaries
May 23 - Army Adopts New
'Multi-Domain Operations'
designation (Inside Defense)

May 23 - Multi-Domain
Battle Get a New
Operational Name (AUSA)

May 17 - Air Force, Army, 
NATO force break
multidomain ground in
Alaska exercise (Defense News)
May 15 - REDCOM utilizes
Pacific Pathways
developments to conduct
operational tests (Army.mil).
May 14 - Generals Worry U.S.
May Lose In Start of Next War:
Is Multi-Domain The Answer?
May 10 - Black Swans and Pink
Flamingos (Mad Sci
Bldg 51).

May 8 - The case for a 
Space Force (The Hill)

May 8 - Sustainment leaders
gather to discuss future

May 7 - We Cannot Do This Alone: Combating National Security Challenges

May 7 - Permanent Evolution:
SecArmy Esper On Futures
(Breaking Defense)
May 4 - Army Delivers Comprehensive
Strategy to Congress
(Inside the Army).
May 1 - This is how soldiers
could try drones with their minds

Apr 30 - The Cyber (EMS)
Offset (Over the Horizon)

Apr 26 - Congressional
group asks Army to look at
building an urban warfare
center (Defense News).

Apr 26 - U.S. Military Must
Develop All-Domain
Defenses, Mattis, Dunford
Say (Defense.gov)

Apr 19 - Army enlisting
'nano-satellites' to fight
wars in space (The Gazette

Apr 19 - Integrated Sensors:
The Critical Element in
Future Complex Environment
Warfare (Mad Sci Blog).

Apr 17 - Army to test new data
sharing equipment at upcoming
exercise (C4ISRNET).

Apr 12 - Forecasting the Future
of Warfare (War on the Rocks).

Apr 12 - Megacities: Future
Challenges and Responses
(Mad Sci Blog)

Apr 11 - In the move to multi-
domain operations, what gets
lost? (C4ISRNET).

Apr 10 - Army Restructuring
Robotics Office (Inside Defense)

Apr 10 - Services Debate
Multi-Domain: 'Battle' Or
'Operations' (Breaking

Apr 9 - U.S. Military Replaces
Soldiers With Robots in First-of
Its Kind Training Exercise
Apr 9 - Here's how the Army
Secretary plans to build a ready,
deployable force (Military Times).

Apr 7 - Robots replace soldiers
in first breaching exercise of its
kind (Stars and Stripes).

Apr 6 - US, UK Test Robot
Breachers, Drones In Germany
(Breaking Defense).

Apr 5 - China's Drive for
Innovation Dominance (Mad
Sci Blog).

Apr 5 - Soldier Swarm: New
Ground Combat Tactics for
the Era of Multi-Domain
Battle (Modern War
Apr 4 - Russian Robots
Attack! West Point Comic's
(Plausible) Future War
(Breaking Defense)

Apr 4 - USARPAC Chief:
'ICEWS element is a game
changer' for Multi-Domain
Battle (Inside the Army)

Apr 4 - The US Army and
Preparing for Higher
Intensity War (Second Line
of Defense)

Mar 30 - Army Future
Vertical Life hones in on
attack recon, long-range
assault (Defense News)

Mar 29 - Army to stand up
pilot task force to develop
multidomain battle concepts
(Defense News)

Mar 29 - Megacities: The
Time is Nigh (Mad Sci Blog)

Mar 28 - Information
Operations in a Multi-
Domain Operations
Battlespace (Over the
Mar 26 - Closer to the fight:
Inside the Corps' plan to
deploy tech experts
alongside grunts (Marine
Corps Times).
Mar 26 - Army Creating
Virtual world for Multi-
Domain Battle Training
(Defense News)

Mar 22 - Greater self-
sufficiency: 'Defend
Reduction' aims to minimize
logistical support (Fort Lee
Mar 22 - Maneuver SHORAD
to test new modernization
method (Army News

Mar 21 - Artillery, Drones,
Missiles Will Help FVL
Penetrate Air Defenses: FVL
CFT (Breaking Defenses).

Mar 15 - Demand reduction
aims to make combat units
self-sufficient, operating up
to 7 days without resupply

Mar 8 - Army Leads on
Multi-Domain Battle Concept

Mar 2 - the Integrated Joint
Force: A Lethal Solution for
Ensuring Military
Preeminence (The Strategy

Feb 23 - Army seeks New
Missile Technology in FY-19
to Support Multi-Domain
Battle (Inside Defense)

Feb 20 - Leveraging Artificial
Intelligence and Machine
Learning to Meet Warfighter
Needs (Mad Scientist).

Feb 20 - The Army is Putting
Cyber, Electronic Warfare
Teams in its BCTs (Army

Feb 5 - The Changing Face
of Soldier Lethality (Army
AL&T Magazine)

Feb 5 - Air Force assembles
team to explore electronic
warfare, electromagnetic
spectrum superiorty (Air
Feb 2 - An Army Trying to
Shake Itself from
Intellectual Slumber, Part I:
Learning from the 1970s
(War on the Rocks).
Feb 2 - Joint Exercises to
Inform Multi-Domain Battle
Concept Update (Inside the

Feb 2 - Building Readiness
through Relationships
Feb 1 - ACC, TRADOC to vet
shared problems in
Multi-Domain tabletop
exercises (Inside Defense).
Feb 1 - World-Class Tech,
according to Plan (U.S.
Army AL&T Magazine)

Feb 1 - Precision Fires Tilt
the Field (U.S. Army AL&T

Feb 1 - The Air Force's
"Forever War" is its
Toughest Pill to Swallow (Air
Force Magazine).
Jan 26 - Army, Air Force
Collaborate on Multi-Domain
Battle Strategy
Development (Executive.gov)
Jan 26 - Competition,
Conflict, and Mental Models
of War: What You Need to
Know about Multi-Domain Battle
(Modern War Institute).
Jan 25 - Missile Defense vs.
China, Russia: Decentralize,
Disperse, & Hide (Breaking

Jan 25 - Air Force, Army
Developing Multi-Domain
Doctrine (Department of

Jan 24 - The Future Fight
Must Be Truly Joint (Air
Force Magazine)

Jan 19 - Fontenot gives
perspective on current
doctrine (Ft. Leavenworth

Jan 19 - Drop Zone: The
Third Offset and Implications for
the Future Operating
Environment (Over the Horizon)

Jan 18 - Gen. Abrams
emphasizes mission
command during Maneuver
Warfighter Conference
(Army News Service)

Jan 17 - The Chinese Are
On the Verge of Dominating
A New Domain: Near Space
(Task and Purpose).

Jan 16 - TRADOC
Commander Gen. Perkins
talks transition to cross-
domain maneuver, Multi-
Domain battle (Army.mil)

Jan 5 - Cross-Domain
Network Engagement:
Geopolitical Competitors,
Cross-Domain Considerations
and Multi-Domain Battle (Small
Wars Journal).

Jan 3 - 2018 Forecast: Can
The Army Reinvent Itself?
(Breaking Defense).

Jan 3 - the final tactical mile
in Multi-Domain Battle: seizing
Mosul, Tal Afar, and Ragga
(Army Sustainment Magazine).

Jan 2 - The anatomy of two-
level maintenance in Multi-
Domain Battle (Army
Sustainment Magazine).

Jan 2 - Sustaining the force
in Multi-Domain Battle
(Army Sustainment Magazine).

Jan 2 - Sustaining Multi-
Domain Battle: An interview
with Gen. David Perkins
(Army Sustainment Magazine).

Jan 2 - Sustaining Multi-Domain
Battle through science and
technology (Army Sustainment

Jan 2 - Multi-Domain Battle:
Fundamentals in an
Evolutionary Environment
(Army Sustainment Magazine).

Jan 2 - Decision point logistics in
Multi-Domain Battle (Army
Sustainment Magazine).