Background/Organization, Mission, and Responsibilities  Director's Corner
Background: Under direction of the TRADOC Commanding General, the Institute for NCO Professional Development (INCOPD) began operations on the 7th of August 2009 with initial operating capability on 8th of September 2009. The primary reason for the formation was to bring a fragmented NCO professional development program under a single effort. The INCOPD provides a means of integrating all of the activities associated with NCO development and reports directly to the Commander of TRADOC.

Organization: INCOPD consists of a Headquarters (HQs) element and three divisions. The HQs element consist of a Director, Deputy Director, SGM, XO, Operations, USAR and ARNG SGM. The primary role of the HQ is to manage the overall organizations. The three divisions are the Learning Initiatives Division (LID), Program Management Division (PMD) and the Policy and Assessment Division (PAD). The LID concentrates on NCOPDS Strategic Initiatives; TRADOC leader development forums, Working Groups, Assessments, and initiatives and is HQs TRADOC's liaison to Army University (ArmyU). 

The PMD is the PMO for the Army Career Tracker (ACT); Concept and initiatives for NCO certifications; Integrates NCO talent management standardize PDM/Career Maps and provides technical solutions for NCOPDS requirements.

The PAD reviews and updates NCOPDS policies; Integrates INCOPDS initiatives into NCOPME, NCOA MILCON. NCOPDS strategy and policy STRATCOM INCOPD's mission to provide direction and oversight to the NCOPDS across the Army; Servers as the NCO Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Army Leader Development Community. 
The Institute for Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development is dedicated to the advancement of Professional Military Education (PME) for NCOs. The staff at the Institute is comprised of Soldiers, former Soldiers who have attended PME and career civilians that absolutely are dedicated to our mission.

Our mission places the Noncommissioned Officer first. Everything we do is based oh how we can improve the Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development System (NCOPDS). We are always looking for ways to improve and never think that we have all the good ideas. As a matter of fact, we care more about what you think than what we think. We gather feedback from all sources; we visit units, NCO Academies, academic organizations, and any other entity that can provide us with knowledge that will benefit NCOs.

We have learned since our inception that there are times when we must exercise our best judgement, event at the expense of displeasing all stakeholders. These decisions are based on ample information to craft courses of action that represent the best possible way ahead.

We will continue to find ways to improve our education system. We will always welcome your ideas and feedback. The NCO Corps is a team that puts the soldier's interest above their own. We will find ways to complete our mission. We, in the institute, we live up to these principles. NCO education is not a stagnate curriculum, it is an ever changing operation dedicated to the needs of our Soldiers. We will endeavor to meet the needs of the NCO; we will not quit.

Thanks for all you do for our Nation. We are proud and honored to be on the same team.

Director, Institute for NCO Professional Development
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