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G-9 Mission

Describe TRADOC positions in the National Capital Region (NCR) to shape the fielded and future force and build a common visualization and understanding with HQDA, other Services, OSD, Joint Staff, and Congress.

G-9 Key Tasks
  • Explain what changes about fielded and future force;
  • Provide information for institutional processes;
  • Identify obstacles and opportunities for the Command; and,
  • Connect people and organizations across the National Capital Region.
  • Advocate TRADOC positions;
  • Inform resourcing of the fielded and future force;
  • Develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders;
  • Plan, shape, and assess senior TRADOC leaders engagements;
  • Assess TRADOC engagements within the National Capital Region;
  • Monitor and dialogue with Congress, Government Accountability Office, Congressional Budget Office, and Congressional Research Service; and,
  • Monitor, analyze, dialogue with "Think Tanks" and industry.
G-9 Assistance to TRADOC Staff and Subordinate Commands and Centers
  • Measure effectiveness and provide analysis of engagement efforts across the Command;
  • Maintain TRADOC Communication and Engagement Dashboard;
  • Support Communication Plans and "Rollouts" for initiatives and projects; and,
  • Provide staff assistance and support for outcome based communication.