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Enable mission success across all TRADOC organizations by providing expert support for personnel, logistics, infrastructure, and integration of Enterprise Services for TRADOC. Design, develop and influence Army-wide initiatives. Provide functional oversight of Command Surgeon, History, Safety and Occupational Health, Retention and Diversity Programs on behalf of the Commander.Meet operational and institutional requirements while taking care of Soldiers, Families, and Civilians.


A G-1/4 team of innovative, adaptive, and diverse professionals who provide exceptional service and support to meet the ever changing challenges for TRADOC, the Army and the Department of Defense

  • Advance Personnel, Equipment and Infrastructure Readiness 
  • Enable Increased Army End Strength (IES)
  • Harness capabilities to achieve Fully Operational Capability of Cyber Center of Excellence
  • Spearhead Overall Strategy for Health, Fitness, Resiliency, and Associated Programs
  • Implement HR/Mil Pay Transformation
  • Propel Civilian Workforce Transformation
  • Inculcate Integrated Safety and Risk Management across DOTMLPF-P
  • Mobilize Supervisor/Workforce Engagement
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