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The SGS coordinates command group operations and is the key advisor to the command group for administration and staff action management.  The SGS is an integral element of the CG’s engagement activities and a critical link to the field for the dissemination of information.  The SGS manages and administers the budget, travel, security, logistics, and human resource (HR) management for the CG, DCG/CoS, DCoS, and the personal staff and selected special staff.

Task/Core Functions

Tasks elements throughout TRADOC on non-operational tasks generated by the CG, TRADOC; DCG/CoS; or DCoS. Maintains tasking continuity using the Command Action Tracking System.

Maintain the standard for staff procedures throughout the command.

Maintain situational awareness and verifies execution of all directives, orders, delegations, and instructions the commander issues to HQ TRADOC elements, MSOs, and centers, schools, and activities.

Provide resources and support for operations, training, and professional development to all command group, personal staff, and selected special staff personnel.

Ensure HQ TRADOC elements integrate and coordinate activities internally, vertically, and horizontally. Renders assistance, as necessary, to CFLs.