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Represents ARNG Across DOTMLPF

  • Director ARNG Representative to TRADOC
  • National Guard Bureau (NGB) Decision Support - Represents TRADOC to ARNG

ARNG Coordinator

  • Program of Instruction (POI) Review / development
  • Initial Entry Training (IET) One Site Unit Training (OSUT) / Basic Combat Training (BCT) Pipeline
  • The Army School System (TASS) Integration
  • Reserve Component Coordination Council (RCCC)
  • Army Reserve Forces Policy Committee (ARFPC)

TRADOC-Wide ARNG Personnel Resource Manager

  • Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) Staff Actions
  • AGR Table of Distributions and Allowances (TDA) Management
  • Active Duty Special Work (ADSW)
  • Temporary Tour Active Duty (TTAD)
  • Mobilization (MOB)