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  • ARNG integration across Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material, Leadership, Personnel and Facilities
  • Transformation - Army & TRADOC
  • Engaged in mobilization issues related to Global War on Terrorism
    • Training Base Expansion
    • Billeting at Installations
    • Demobilization
  • Continuously assess and improve The Army School System (TASS)
  • Effective Personnel Resource Management: ARNG Active Guard/Reserve program (AGR) (T-10/32),
    Temporary Tour of Active Duty (TTAD), Active Duty for Special/Work (ADSW), & M-Day
    (Traditional Drilling Guardsmen)
  • Comunicate TRADOC positions with National Guard Bureau (NGB), United States Army Forces
    Command (FORSCOM) and the ARNG States

Other ARNG Support to TRADOC

  • Training Development
    • Training & Training Technology Battle Lab (T3LB), NJ
    • Military Interactive Multi-Media Instruction Center (MIMIC), Camp Dodge, IA
  • Institutional Training Supplement
    • The Army School System (TASS) Bns
    • Mountain Warfare School, VT
    • Information (IO) Training Bn, VT
    • Professional Education Center (PEC), AR
    • Summer Surge Support (ADSW personnel)
  • Army Accessions Support
    • Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Advanced camp & Basic Camp (ADSW personnel)
    • Fill Asst Professor of Military Science (APMS) positions, ARNG (T-32 AGR personnel)