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Provide the leadership and the organizations of the Training and Doctrine Command military personnel support through policies and resources that will allow the command to successfully execute its mission.



  • Continue to stress the positive aspects of what we do and develop methodology that will enhance our ability to meet future requirements as well as serve our customers more effectively and efficiently
  • Provide superior quality customer service.
  • Evaluate and continuously improve process performance.
  • Optimize resources to enhance efficiency.
  • Serve as the primary advisor and administrator to the Command Group in all matters pertaining to military personnel retention and ensure a fair share of the TRADOC retention mission is distributed throughout the MACOM.
  • Support TRADOC's mission and assist commanders in maintaining an environment free of human relation detractors.

  • Accomplish cross-training and cross-training related actions critical to the sustainment of Military Personnel Actions Team mission capability.

  • Manage TRADOC's military personnel fill in a manner that maximizes readiness and minimizes personnel as a resource constraint.

  • Develop and implement effective strength management procedures and systems to ensure 100% accountability of Drill Sergeants, Recruiters, Instructors, and Observer/Controllers.

  • Advocate TRADOC schools'/activities' policies and command input across the spectrum of military personnel issues.

  • Provide responsive support to TRADOC schools and activities.

  • Reorganize and manage retention personnel assets to sustain the Operational Army (OA) and formulate a strategy for more effective Soldier support with remaining resources to enable Army Transformation.

  • Provide quality military personnel readiness and strength management oversight of manning initiatives to support Army and TRADOC Transformation.

  • Transform practices to efficiently use resources, both personnel and monetary, for TRADOC to accomplish its retention mission.

  • Be a cohesive team of committed professionals who, through empowerment and the mastery of technology, deliver a quality product in support of TRADOC's Leaders and Soldiers.

  • Keep TRADOC a premier organization.