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Adjutant General (AG)

Military Personnel Services Division (MPSD)

Mission StatementSoldiers helping soldiers

Provide the senior leadership and the organizations of the Training and Doctrine Command with quality military personnel support through policies and resources that will allow the commands to successfully execute its mission.


  • Continue to stress the positive aspects of what we do and develop methodology that will enhance our ability to meet future requirements as well as serve our customers more effectively and efficiently.
  • Provide superior quality customer service.
  • Evaluate and continuously improve process performance.
  • Optimize resources to enhance efficiency.


  • Serve as the primary advisor and administrator to the senior leadership and TRADOC units/activities in all matters pertaining to military personnel services.
  • Advocate TRADOC schools'/activities' policies and command input across the spectrum of military personnel services issues.
  • Provide responsive support to TRADOC schools and activities.
  • Be a cohesive team of committed professionals who, through empowerment and the mastery of technology, deliver a quality product in support of TRADOC's Leaders and Soldiers.


  • Regulatory Implementation

    Military personnel services through implementation of numerous regulatory actions (typically involving individual Soldiers).  Individual Travel Orders, OCONUS TDY and coordination, Command Policy and other.   Research, assess, and implement based on existing regulatory guidance.

  • Personnel Policy Assessment

Military personnel services addressing the full spectrum of subjects in the AR 600- series and others: Uniform Wear, Weight Control, Military Evaluations,  Leaves/ Passes, military orders and other.   Research, assess, and provide recommendations on policy issues.

  • Command Program Implementation

Military personnel services via implementation of command programs usually involving organizational needs (not individual Soldiers):  Military Awards, Military Recognition Programs,  BRAC, Voting Program, DADT Program, Drilling Individual Mobilization Augmentee, Program, Gifts, Heraldry, Army Memorial Program, and other. Research, assess, and implement based on existing command guidance.

  • Initial Military Training Support

Military personnel services related to DCG-Initial Military Training (IMT) and policy guidance supporting diverse IMT actions: ENTNAC Waiver, Meritorious Promotion, Assignment, Reclassification, MOS Renegotiation actions, and others. Research, assess, and provide information and recommendations in support of the IMT mission.

  • Command Support

Provides HR input for Human Capital Enterprise, TRADOC Campaign Plan, and TRADOC Synchronization Meetings, MILPER Systems (IPPS)