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Adjutant General (AG)

Readiness & Strength Management Division (RSMD)

Mission Statement
Army soldier checking reports

Provide quality Military Personnel Readiness and Strength Management through the development and execution of plans, programs, and systems in support of TRADOC's senior leaders and organizations.


To be a cohesive team of committed professionals who, through empowerment and the master of technology, deliver a quality product.


Strength Management: Accurate and timely analysis of TRADOC's military personnel strength posture with a view to garner maximum support for TRADOC.
Distribution: Distribution of military personnel consistent with Senior TRADOC Leader guidance.
Readiness: Provide timely and accurate personnel actions and readiness information to support TRADOC's senior leaders and organizations.
Work Force Development: An empowered, technically proficient work force in a safe, caring, and fun environment.
Research and Analysis: Thorough and timely data and/or recommendations to Senior TRADOC Leaders and Staff Agencies.

TRADOC Status Report
Personnel Accounting/Strength Reporting
Personnel Distribution/Manning Guidance
Personnel Utilization
Drill Sergeant/Instructor Management