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TRADOC Antiterrorism Program

Develops policy, establishes plans, and implements TRADOC’s operational execution of the Army AT Program; develops TR 525-13, Force Protection.

  • Advises CG TRADOC and DCS, G-3/5/7 (TRADOC FP Officer) on the operational execution  of the TRADOC Force Protection mission
  • Serves as HQ TRADOC Antiterrorism Officer (ATO)
  • Plans and executes the AT Working Group and AT Executive Committee IAW the DCG approved charter; provides the AT Working Group Chair
  • Develops, establishes and implements the TRADOC Core Vulnerability Assessment Program (CVAMP). Guidance and instructions regarding CVAMP can be found within the DoD Antiterrorism Enterprise Portal (ATEP) .

TRADOC Domestic Criminal and Antiterrorism Intelligence

Develops, establishes and implements the TRADOC Domestic Criminal and AT Intelligence Program

  • Collects, analyzes and disseminates FP domestic threat information for TRADOC
  • Develops, establishes and implements the  TRADOC Threat and Local Observation Notice (TALON) reporting system in the Joint Protection Enterprise Network (JPEN)
  • Prepares the  TRADOC Annual Terrorist Threat Assessment
  • Operates the HQ TRADOC FP Intelligence Fusion Cell and serve as a member in the Regional FP Intelligence Fusion Cell
  • Assists DCS, G-1/4 by providing analysis of crime statistics for the TRADOC risk reduction program;  provides a member of the HQ TRADOC Executive Council for Risk Reduction