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Current Operations, G-33

Mission: TRADOC G-33 Current Operations supports TRADOC by providing command wide support and oversight of current operations to maintain situational awareness and ensure timely and accurate command and control reporting to higher, lower and horizontal headquarters. G-33 is an enabler across all TRADOC core functions (CFs), CG priorities and initiatives.

Major Functions:

  • Facilitating Mission Command
    • Orders
    • Taskings (operational and individual/WIAS)
    • Operational Reporting via TRADOC Watch Team
    • Crisis Action Team (CAT)
  • Assisting the Senior Leadership in maintaining Situational Awareness
    • CCIR
    • Cdrs Unit Status Report (CUSR)
    • TRADOC Enterprise Calendar (TEC)
    • Mission Synchronization and Collaboration Tool (MSCT)
    • DA G-3/5/7 hosted World-wide SVTC
    • Senior Officer Orientation Program (SOOP)
  • Satisfying Statutory and Regulatory Requirements
    • Chemical Surety Program
    • Continuity of Operations Program (COOP)
    • OPSEC
    • Flight Ops (TRADOC GO mil flight scheduling)
    • Treaty Compliance

G-33 Current Operations SharePoint Portal Webpage (requires CAC access)

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