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Priorities, Analysis and Requirements Directorate (PARD)


Analyzes, prioritizes, integrates and synchronizes Command requirements and solutions IAW CG Priorities and develops metrics to support decision making of command and staff requirements.

Major Functions

  • TRADOC 1-N Mission/Functional Training Prioritization
  • Develop the TRADOC Strategic Update (TSU) briefing, delivered to the VCSA for Army Campaign Plan (ACP) and Army Synchronization Meetings (ASM)
  • Analyze and evaluate TRADOC functions across Lines of Operation (LOO) in support of the TRADOC Campaign Plan
  • Co-Chair Mission & Resource Board for FY 12 Year-end FPL, FY 12 TRADOC Budget Guidance (TBG) and POM Requirements
  • Implement Cost Benefit Analysis (C-BA) across TRADOC
  • Conduct modeling and simulation using an array of analytic capabilities