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Security Assistance Training Field Activity (SATFA)

Welcome to the
Security Assistance Training Field Activity (SATFA)

Fort Eustis, Virginia

SATFA Mission

SATFA brokers and manages U.S. Army institutional training solutions for international military students authorized and funded by Security Cooperation and select Building Partner Capacity programs in order to provide our international partners with the skills, knowledge, and understanding that leads to enhanced relationships, cooperation and shared security efforts.

To view the SATFA video https://youtu.be/mr5P4oxmBgA.


Who We Are

Annually, SATFA manages the training of over 10,000 international students. Students come from 147 countries to over 100 Army-managed training activities, including TRADOC schools (38%), Non-TRADOC schools (60%), and Non-Army DoD or contractor (2%).

SATFA Organization

SATFA consists of two major divisions, Operations and Financial Management, and two major supporting offices, Policy, Plans, Programs and Projects and Information Management.

The Operations Division develops, coordinates and manages U.S. Army Security Assistance Training for international military and civilian students in DoD schools and other training activities and is comprised of the following branches:

AFRICOM/EUCOM/Combating Terrrorism
Quota Management
With Program teams focused on:
   DoD/DoS Counternarcotics Programs (CNP)
   DoD Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program (CTFP)
   Coalition Readiness Support Program (CRSP)

The Financial Management Division serves as the TRADOC lead for centralized financial management across all Security Assistance Training Programs and is comprised of the following branches:

Financial Programs (Case and Grant Programs)
Financial Systems/Accounting/Pricing
Miscellaneous Pay

The Policy, Plans, Programs and Projects Office includes the DoD mandated Field Studies Program International Military Student Office (IMSO) support , and special projects and programs.

The Information Management Office provides all organizational information technology support.