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SATFA Contact Information

We do respond to email inquiries if they are appropriate inquiries. We will acknowledge that we have received your
email, and what initial action we are taking with it, within three business days. Response time to resolve the issue
will depend on the issue, but we pledge to give the matter the attention it warrants. Please direct your inquiry to

Due to the volume of emails we receive, we ask you to very carefully look at the mission information and the SATFA
organizational chart to better focus your query and help us respond in an efficient, timely manner.

If you are a media representative with a query or request for interview, please contact the Public Communications
Branch by telephone at (757) 501-5872/5878.

You may write SATFA at the following address:
Director, TRADOC SATFA (ATTG-TRI-SXX), Bldg. 950, 950 Jefferson Ave., Fort Eustis, Va. 23604-5724

To reach someone at SATFA outside of regular duty hours, contact the TRADOC Emergency Operations
Center (EOC) at (757) 501-5099. The TRADOC EOC can contact the SATFA Duty Officer and/or the Director or
Deputy Director as required. For questions or suggestions about the WEB site: Web Master.Comm: (757)

Small Business Contact

If you wish to discuss prospects for your company (if you are a small business or if you are interested in teaming
with a small business), contact the Army Contracting Agency (ACA) Northeast Region small business adviser at
(757) 878-3166 or (757) 873-3282

Unsolicited proposals to the government must go through a thorough technical and contracting review. Unsolicited
proposals for TRADOC should be submitted to the Northern Region Contracting Center (NRCC), TRADOC'S
assigned contracting office, for contractual review - call (757) 878-4005 if you have questions regarding this process
or wish to discuss contracting opportunities.