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Operations Division


Develop, coordinate and manage U.S. Army Security Assistance and related training for international
military and civilian students in DOD schools and organizations.


  • Coordinate preparation and complete life cycle management of FMS and FMF training cases (to include
    training lines in AMC-managed material cases) from pre-letter of request through case closure, inclusive of
    all IT systems requirements with DSCA, HQDA, AMC's U.S. Army Security Assistance Command, and
    approved countries.
  • Monitor compliance of FMS training case legal requirements between Army training activities and
    participating countries.
  • Coordinate with HQDA and DCS, G-3/5/7 TOMA for all Army-managed SATP requirements within ATRRS
    processes (SMDR, TRAP, and training execution) to meet COCUM-, Army component commander-, and
    HQDA-stated security cooperation objectives.


Commercial area code: (757), DSN Prefis: dial 501 followed by four digit extension as specified below:

Chief, (757) 501-5033,
CENTCOM/CT Branch Chief, (757) 501-5026
PACOM/SOUTHCOM/NORTHCOM Branch Chief, (757) 501-5026,
AFRICOM/EUCOM Branch Chief, (757) 501-5038,
Quota Management Branch Chief, (757) 501-5032