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Policy, Plans, Programs & Projects (P4)


Ensures development and implementation of policies and procedures in support of the Army Security
Assistance Training Program and related requirements, and includes management of the DoD mandated
Field Studies Program (FSP), International Military Student Office (IMSO) support, and a variety of special projects and programs.


  • Assist TRADOC and other Army-managed schools/training activities executing Security Assistance
    and related training to ensure compliance with AR 12-15 and life cycle support on International Military
  • Managed the Army Portion of the DoD-mandated U.S. Field Studies Program
  • Provide staff assistance for International Military Student Offices (IMSO) at Army-managed
    schools/training activities.
  • Plan, develop and execute training programs and materials for IMSO personnel.
  • Promote understanding of the SATP and related programs.


Commercial area code:(757), DSN Prefixes: dial 501 followed by the four digit extension as specified below:

Chief,  (757) 501-5044
Field Studies Program Manager, (757) 501-5042
Security Assistance Training Program Analyst, (757) 501-5045