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Joint Force Training Division

Major Functions

  • Perform ACOM Level analysis, coordination, staffing and synchronization of solutions to JIIM training
  • Perform ACOM level integration of solutions to Joint Air Ground Operations issues.
  • Represent HQ TRADOC and/or preprae TRADOC leadership for participation in various Army,
    multiservice and JIIM training forums
  • Perform ACOM level JIIM gap mitigation in support of MSOs.
  • Serve as G-3/5/7 lead in Joint Intelligence forums in order to better synchronize activities of the G-2
    and G-3/5/7 in support of TRADOC,
    the Army and the Joint community.
  • Serve as G-3/5/7 lead in CIED coordination and integration

Staff Directory

Office Symbol: ATTG-TRJ

Commercial Phone (757) 501-XXXX


Fax (757) 501-5434


 Title Ext
 JFTD Division Chief  5423 
 Joint Training Branch Chief  5421
 Joint Training Action Officer   5701
 Joint Training Action Officer  5699
 Joint Training Action Officer  5702
 Joint Air Ground Ops Branch Ch   5707
 Joint Ait Ground Ops Action Off  5708
 Joint Air Ground Ops Action Off  5705