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Training Development Staff Management Division (TDSMD)


Provide ACOM-level staff actions and support related to training & education development to support Army
Force Generation and meet the intent of the CG, TRADOC.


  • HQ TRADOC, G-3/5/7 Staff Actions for Army Training and Education
  • HQ TRADOC, Army Learning Policy Oversight
  • HQ TRADOC, Senior Training and Education Manager's Course
  • HQ TRADOC, Instructor of the Year Competition
  • HQ TRADOC, Library

Staff Directory

Office Symbol: ATTG-TRI-GT

Commercial Phone (757) 501-XXXX


 Title    Ext 
 Division Chief   5433
 TD Analyst  5718
 Instructional Systems 
 Instructional Systems
 Instructional Systems
 TRADOC Librarian  5733