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TOMA Operations Division

Chief, Operations Division
Voice DSN 501-5417, CML (757) 501-5417
Address: Building 950, 950 Jefferson Avenue, Fort Eustis, VA 23604-5711


Manage TRADOC's execution of the institutional training mission.


  1. Manage scheduling and execution of initial entry, leader, professional development, and functional training.
  2. Manage change to TRADOC training mission through the Training Resource Arbitration Panel (TRAP).
  3. Manage equipment and facilities support to the training base.


Contact Information - Positional

 Element   Phone   Position 




Chief, Operations Division
 Chief, Analysis Branch
     Training Requirements BOLC-B/C, DCO,
     Chief, Team A, Scheduling Br (SL20/BOLC)
     QM, JFK Bragg, Staff Tng, USAF, CLC3 &
     Trans, CGSC, CAC, Red Tm, AMSC, USAF
     Fin, Rec/Ret, AG, NCOA, ATC, Chaplain,
 NCOA (Lee, Eustis/AP Hill)
     Engr, Chem, MP, Avn, Gulfport (21W30),
 USMC Urban Mob Brch), WLC (Lewis/Campbell),
     Sig, Avn Log, Music, ARBN, Rigger, Pre Cmd,
     Chief, Team B, Scheduling Br (IET/IET
     BCT/WTC, Armor, ALU (907B/c)
     OSUT, AIT Quota Mngt, IN, AWC, SMA, Battle
 Staff, WLC (Drum/Stewart/Bragg)
     OD, M&M, AD, FA, WLC (Polk/Hood)
     MI, MI UAV, ALMC, WO Career Ctr, Drill SGT,
 Victory Univ, APF (805P)


Contact Information - Functional

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 Training Resources Arbitration Panel


Operations - References

  • AIT projections summary (AKO Account Required - Register)
  • Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) (Account Required - Register)
  • AR 350-20, Management of Army Individual Training Requirements and Resources
  • AR 600-8-10, Leaves and Passes
  • AR 601-210, Regular Army and Army Reserve Enlistment Program
  • TR Reg 350-6, Enlisted Initial Entry Training (IET) Policies and Administration
  • TR Reg 600-16, Procedures for Exodus - the Christmas-New Year Holiday Period for Personnel in

Operations - Training Equipment

  • Army Electronic Product Support Network (AEPS) (AKO Account Required - Register)
  • Army Modernization Reference Data (AMRD) (SLAMIS Account Required - Register)
  • FEDLOG (AKO Account Required - Register)
  • Force Management System Web Site (FMSWeb) (AKO Account Required - Register)
  • Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW) (AKO Account Required - Register)
  • Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA)
  • SSN-LIN Automated Management & Integrating System (SLAMIS) (SLAMIS Account Required - Register)