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TOMA Systems Division


TOMA Systems Divsion provides the Army with subject matter consultation for TRADOC-wide institutional training
and education as it relates to strategy, plans and analysis of concepts, and guidance to the documentation of
institutional training requirements for programming the Army's individual training mission.

TOMA Systems Division consists of two branches. The branches are Initiatives Branch and Systems Branch.


  1. Initiatives: strategic initiatives, plans, and analysis of concepts and guidance affecting the Army's institutional
    training and education enterprise.
  2. Systems: development, maintenance, and support of ITE systems and processes with a focus on gaining
    synergies, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency
  3. Executive Agent for accreditation of One Army School System (OASS) compliance.
  4. Army Executive Agent for Interservice Training Review Organization (ITRO) actions.
  5. Oversight for Institutional Training Mission Management Tool (ITMMT) Common Operating View for
    Institutional training mission.

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