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Civilian Development Program Manager Division


  • ACOM Staff Officer for all Civilian Learning actions; subject matter expert applying comprehensive knowledge
    of civilian learning
  • Tracks all Army Civilian Learning actions to completion.
  • Maintains knowledge and awareness of Army Training and Education Programs.
  • Maintains knowledge and awareness of Civilian Education Systems (CES) programs.
  • Maintains Lines of Communication with HQDA, TRADOC staff, Functional Core Leads (FCLs), Army
    University, CoEs, TRADOC and non-TRADOC Schools.
  • Develops, reviews, and coordinates Civilian Learning policies, strategies, requirements, and policies.
  • Develops, reviews, and updates reports, policies, strategies, information papers, slides and other
    correspondence on civilian learning.
  • Attends Civilian learning meetings, conferences, workgroups, and sessions.
  • Maintains involvement and awareness of programming of Program Objective Memorandum (POM) and
    Planning, Programming, budgeting, and Execution Systems (PPBES) processes that resource civilian education
    courses and programs.
  • Represent TRADOC at HQDA, CAC, and AMSC civilian education forums.
    • Civilian Workforce Transformation (CWT), IT/DL Coc, OATMF CoC, CREL CoC
  • Supports Army Leader Development Forum (ALDF) forums.
  • Headquarters staff oversight of civilian education programs taught at the Army Management Staff College
  • Staff coordination lead with the Army University (AU) for all civilian learning programs.


  • Civilian Training and Leader Development CoC
  • E2 Trust WG Member
  • Supports CP32 Program Initiatives