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Civilian Education System (CES) Program Management


Assist to develop and coordinate policies and strategies, validate requirements, and monitor resources for
achievement of Army Civilian Corps members' leader competencies to enhance functional and technical capabilities
in support of the Army Mission.


  • Review, assist to formulate, and implement Army Policy.
  • Ensure program compliance with ALDS, Command guidance and applicable doctrine.
  • Assist to validate the alignment of Army Civilian members' leader competencies with Professional
    Military Education.
  • Assist HQDA, CAC, commands and career programs, support the development of institutional Civilian leader
    and competitive professional development requirements for validation and resourcing.
  • Monitor Civilian leader and competitive professional development programs.
  • Monitor the development, implementation, and execution of the Army Civilian Education System (CES)
  • Assist to validate and monitor Army Civilian and military leader CES quotas and requirements.
  • Support Civilian Workforce Transformation, Army Civilian Training and Leader Development, Office of
    Personnel Management (OPM) and Department of Defense (DoD) initiatives.
  • Support CAC and Army University (AU) leader development initiatives.
  • Support CP 32 Program initiatives.


E2 Trust Working Group, General Learning Outcomes, Integration of AU, Talent Managment