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TRADOC Law Enforcement Program

Assists Senior Mission Commanders in their law enforcement mission by coordinating TRADOC’s response to plans, policies and programs.

  • Coordinating TRADOC’s response to plans, policies and programs
  • Administers the HQ TRADOC Centralized Operations Police Suite (COPS) MTOE units


TRADOC MP Force Structure Management

Provides staff management for the manning, equipping, force structure, employment, and deployment of  TRADOC’s Military Police Units, Detachments and Military Working Dog assets


TRADOC Military Working Dog Program

Develops, establishes and implements the TRADOC  MWD Program.

  • Coordinates and provides TRADOC MWD support to the US Secret Service and other civilian law enforcement agencies
  • Develops, coordinates and conducts TRADOC MWD certification and technical assistance visits
  • Coordinate and monitor deployments/re-deployments of MWD assets