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To capture, preserve, and make available evidence essential for Army decisions and actions; meet the needs of the American public; protect the rights and interests of the Government and individuals; and operate in accordance with public laws and regulatory guidance.


  • Manages the TRADOC Records Management Program. Appoints TRADOC Records Administrator and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Privacy Act (PA), and Management Information Control officers. Provides input to ARs 25-1, 25-22, 25-30, 25-50, 25-51, 25-55, 25-58, 25-59, 25-400-2, and 335-15.
  • FOIA and Privacy Act requests: Issues policy, provides technical advice, establishes procedural guidance, and coordinates with the FOIA/PA Team.
  • Manages TRADOC Records Management Program to include: recordkeeping, office symbols, abbreviations, brevity codes, acronyms, management information control, publishing in the Federal Register, Executive Order 12958 declassification, and other major records management functions. Tasks subordinate organizations for records/litigation freeze/moritorium requirements. Approves TRADOC office symbols, and ensures they are coded into ARIMS and added to the Army Addresses and Office Symbol Online Database. Lead for the TRADOC Pam 25‐53, documents TRADOC list of approved recurring information requirements and assigns requirement control symbols.
  • Conduct command‐wide evaluations of records management programs relating to the adequacy of documentation, maintenance, use, and disposition of records at least once every 3 years.
  • Ensure records management is incorporated in the life cycle of ISs, beginning at the initial milestone, and incorporate records management training in functional and major operating system‐producing courses. Ensure that all software development contracts contain records management requirements.
  • Supervises Records Management Office personnel.
  • Coordinates HQ TRADOC official mail program, provides guidance and liaisons with the Fort Eustis Official Mail and Distribution Center and the 633rd AF.
  • Completes TRADOC‐wide records management reports and functional reviews to include Army‐wide system updates, policy and publication reviews, briefings, leadership RFIs, and reporting requirements.
  • Manages ARIMS user access to TRADOC UICs and office symbols for HQ TRADOC, 8 centers and 32 schools. As the TRADOC Records Administrator fields calls from subordinate users to trouble shoot issues. Inputs office symbols under TRADOC UICs and uses the system tool to reorganize office symbols, users, and office records lists.


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