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College of the American Soldier

Creating academic opportunities to reinforce training and provide theoretical structure are central to developing an environment where life-long learning is valued. The Army's College of the American Soldier is another initiative that supports this concept. This program is an enduring training and education partnership between the Army and participating colleges and universities focused on expanding existing civilian education support for our Soldiers and leaders; an optimum balance of training and education that accelerates the development of adaptive, broadly-skilled, and adaptive leaders with enhanced competencies and improved capabilities earlier in their career. The flexibility of the program also encourages a lifelong 14 learning strategy because there is no time limit for completion; a critical element for an Army at war. In support of the College of the American Soldier, INCOPD has entered into a collaborative relationship with the American Council on Education to improve access to academic credit for PME courses and examinations taken outside traditional degree programs.

The CAS Army program is aimed at maximizing potential college credit for a Soldier's military training and education. Targeted toward the NCO Corps, it works with Service Members Opportunity Colleges member schools to make it possible for a Soldier to retire with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree based on American Council on Education (ACE)-recommended credit for military training and education and the completion of college classes.

Partnership is critical to give our Soldiers/Leaders all the benefits of a higher education contributing to the development of adaptive and innovative successes.

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