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IRAC's Liaison and Compliance responsibilities are to:

  • Arrange entrance conferences, discussions, and exit conferences with external audit organizations and the appropriate organization offices. 
  • Provide advice on release of information to external auditors. 
  • Keep commanders and senior managers, whose operations are audited, informed on the status of ongoing audits. 
  • Mediate the resolution of disagreements between command and/or management and the auditors relative to audit results, as needed. 
  • Ensure that TRADOC replies to draft findings and recommendations are reviewed for accuracy, adequacy, and responsiveness; have been properly coordinated with responsible TRADOC elements; and meet assigned suspense dates. 
  • Establish and maintain a recommendation tracking system and an effective follow-up system on both internal review and external audit and investigative reports. 
  • Conduct follow-up reviews to verify implementation of agreed-to recommendations to determine if corrective actions are effective.