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Requesting a Review

IRAC requests review suggestions annually at the end of each FY. However, you can request a review at any time by contacting the Director or Deputy Director. 

When providing the request, you should be able to give the following information: 

  1. Title/Subject: 
  2. Type of Service: (Full Scope, Quick Reaction, Consulting and Advisory, etc.) 
  3. Basis for Suggestion: Briefly describe the rationale for the proposed review. What are the major issues and resource implications? 
  4. Time-Frame: If necessary to do the review during a certain time-frame, specify dates. 
  5. Anticipated Benefits: What benefits are projected if the review is conducted? 
  6. Point of Contact: Name, number, and address of knowledgeable individual(s) who can provide additional information. Other Comments/Remarks: