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Products and Services

FULL SCOPE REVIEW -- Provide an in-depth evaluation of an activity, function, mission, or project. Review scope is broad and usually the most informative and time consuming.

CONSULTING AND ADVISORY SERVICES -- Provide other services such as studies, analyses, information, gathering, cost analysis, internal control reviews, and various consulting services.

QUICK REACTION REVIEWS -- Address specific time-sensitive critical issues. Can usually provide the commander or management an answer in a matter of days.

Internal reviews are based on review objectives that usually include one or more of the following criteria:

  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Financial operations
  • Economy and efficiency
  • Program results

Internal reviews can identify specific problems, the cause of the problems, the impact of problems on operations, and recommendations to correct the problems.

LIAISON AND COMPLIANCE SERVICES -- Serve as command's liaison with external audit organizations. Monitor and track external audit activity within the command, facilitate the audit reply process, and conduct follow-up reviews.