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Combined Arms Center-Training Launches New DTMS Training and Readiness Dashboards

By Sarah Schwennesen | Combined Arms Center-Training | Jan. 11, 2019



The Training Management Directorate, Combined Arms Center-Training, released the new Training and Readiness Dashboards on Jan. 10, 2019.  The upgrades provide Brigade and below users the ability to directly access, review and manage the majority of their organization's required reportable training data in a single location. Starting Jan. 12, 2019, the Electronic Military Personnel Office will begin receiving training data used for Soldier Record Briefs a Promotion Point Worksheets for grades E4 – E5 from the Digital Training Management System. Both of these efforts directly align with the Secretary of the Army’s and Chief of Staff’s focus on reducing requirements in units at the brigade level and below.

"Our previously fielded company, battalion and brigade landing pages were well received and opened a dialog with the field," said Col. Stuart Smith, director, TMD.

"The field provided excellent feedback during beta testing of the Training and Readiness Dashboards with greater than 90 percent of participants recommending implementation with a few subtle changes. The Dashboards, coupled with a reduction in mandatory data entry, [are] a vast improvement developed in collaboration with Soldiers and leaders from across the force."

The Dashboards are tailored to provide the user with easy access to the reporting requirements outlined by the Leader's Guide to Objective Assessment of Training Proficiency. From top to bottom, the user is able to view and edit unit Mission Essential Task List Assessments, individual weapons qualifications, Crew Served and Platform Weapons, APFT scores and, finally, height and weight data. From the Training Readiness Report Tab users can view a snapshot of the unit readiness report, and from the Administrative Tab users can use up to seven Wizards recommended by the field to make the DTMS Manager's jobs more efficient. All previous DTMS capabilities and functionality for the user remain unchanged.

Almost concurrently with the Dashboard upgrades to DTMS, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command and U.S. Army Human Resources Command are eliminating the requirement for redundant manual Soldier training data entry into both DTMS and eMILPO. DTMS will begin electronically transferring training data used in eMILPO for Soldier Record Briefs and Promotion Point Worksheets for E4s to E5s (i.e., Army Physical Fitness Test score, Army Regulation 600-9 Height and Weight Standards data, and individual weapon qualification score). Subsequently, HRC will disable their training data-entry capability within eMILPO on the same day. These changes are directed in Fragmentary Order 2 to Headquarters, Department of the Army, Executive Order 081-17, Digital Training Management System Functionality.

During the DTMS cut-over, no data will be lost in either eMILPO or DTMS; both systems will maintain historical files.  However, because there was no requirement to enter APFT event scores or weapon types used for qualifications within eMILPO this information will not transfer from eMILPO to Soldier Individual Training Records within DTMS.

For a quick overview and a more in-depth tutorial of the new Training and Readiness Dashboards visit the Army Training Network at https://atn.army.mil/DTMSDashboard.

Additional Web-hosted DTMS training can found in the DTMS Knowledge Base, at https://atn.army.mil/unit-training-management-(utm)/dtms-knowledge-base.

A fully staffed TMD Help Desk is available to assist leaders in proper training management and recording assessments Monday-Friday, from 0500-2100 (CST), and Saturday and Sunday, from 0800-1700 (CST). Contact the TMD help desk at (913) 684-2700, DSN: 552-2700, or toll-free at (877) 241-0347 for assistance; email assistance is also available at usarmy.leavenworth.cac.mbx.dtmshd@mail.mil.