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REPLACE HEADING TEXT FIRST HEADING FIRST PARA SECOND HEADING SECOND PARA. THIRD HEADING THIRD PARA LOOK FOR IN-DEPTH COVERAGE Look for lengthy articles — long-form reporting — that capture some of the complexity of topics and events. One or two paragraphs is not sufficient. USE CARE BEFORE SHARING NEWS CONTENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA Pause and […]

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Leaders’ Guide

Social Media Leaders’ Guide Social media allows a leader to communicate directly with a large number of individuals while simultaneously retaining a one-on-one tone. But this takes commitment, a plan and follow-up. An effective social media presence is about daily interactions, commenting on responses, and conducting scheduled analysis of efforts. Some of the U.S. Army’s […]

Crisis Communication

Social Media Crisis Communication Using social media to communicate with stakeholders during a crisis has proven to be effective due to its speed, reach and direct access. In recent crises, social media has helped distribute command information to key audiences and media, while also providing a means for dialogue among the affected and interested parties […]


Go Light Social Media OPSEC Social media has become a big part of our Army lives. It helps organizations share information and keep audiences connected. OPSEC and personal privacy concerns should be paramount when Soldiers use social media, both personally and professionally. Sharing seemingly trivial information online can be dangerous to loved ones and fellow […]

Training and Education

Social Media Training and Awareness Seven Essential Social Media Tips Use these seven essential tips to become a more effective communicator and representative of the U.S. Army. Seven Essential Social Media Tips 1. Be aware of the image you present. Do not discredit yourself, your family, your organization or your Army by using inappropriate language […]

Policy and Regulation

Social Media Policy and Regulation What regulations, policies, or guidelines cover an official social media account? All official accounts must be operated within Department of Defense (DoD) and U. S. Army guidelines. The following documents should be thoroughly reviewed to ensure accounts are maintained accordingly. Developing a unit policy based on these documents is a […]


Social Media: Strategy Strategy and Social Media Social media is a powerful communications tool. When used correctly, social media can help an organization reach an enormous audience. Social media can help organizations engage in the conversation while at the same time promote awareness of the organization’s main communication priorities. But not all U.S. Army organizations […]


TRADOC Social Media Guide Social Media DOs and DON’Ts Do: Assume anyone can see what you post. Be cautious with the personal information you share. Don’t: Do not post graphic, obscene, explicit, abusive, vindictive, hateful, or racial comments. Do not post any solicitations (ask for “likes”, visit a site, sign anything or make a contribution). […]